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At Paradise Pet Resort, we have put a lot of thought, planning and experience into all aspects of our dog daycare program.  It is our mission to provide the ultimate daycare experience for our four-legged guests every day!

Socialization, safety and fun are all taken into consideration.  Our regular daycare and boarding customers make up the majority of our play groups day-to-day.  We are a structured daycare facility and all daycare guests are evaluated for stability, good play temperament and exhibit a natural friendliness towards people and other dogs.  This promotes happy, safe play within the playgroup. 

All play sessions are 100% supervised by our experienced Daycare Specialists.  Our Daycare Specialists are experienced staff members, trained to watch for signs of unusual behavior, discomfort or fatigue. 

We discourage excessive barking, digging, mounting and/or overly rough behavior.  Good play behavior includes running, chasing, wrestling, playing fetch, exploring and resting comfortably alone or together.  Our rules are clear and consistent in our play areas and a healthy balance is continually reinforced in our play groups.


During the daycare hours, your dog will participate in numerous activities, both indoors and outdoors.  A majority of the day, our daycare guests engage in group or social play.  They are free to run, play, climb on the play structures or just explore the sights and smells!  

The Daycare Specialists interact with the dogs and encourage games of chase, fetch and tug-of-war.  Play manners are monitored and enforced to ensure that all guests enjoy their playtime. 


After a few hours of morning play each guest is fed a mid-day snack and given time to rest in private quarters. We believe that rest between play sessions results in a happier and more well-balanced daycare experience. 

When the mid-day snack and rest period are over daycare activities resume and play sessions continue throughout the afternoon. Daycare activities end at 3:00pm.  At this time, all guests are ready for pick up. However, your pet is welcome to rest comfortably in private quarters until 6:00pm when Paradise Pet Resort closes for the day.



For more information about our Daycare Program please call or email Paradise Pet Resort!