Pet Registration

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Boarding Requirements


To expedite the check in process, Pet Care Agreements and Boarding Registration Forms are available for download from our website for pre-registration.


We recommend that each form is completed and returned to Paradise Pet Resort PRIOR to check in for scheduled services.  Please be as detailed as possible when filling out each form.  The information that you provide to us by filling out our registration forms enables us to keep your pet healthy and happy! 

Please mail, fax, or e-mail the completed forms to Paradise Pet Resort.


Boarding Procedures and Requirements

Check In:

Pets may be checked in for boarding services at any time during regular boarding business hours seven days a week. Latest time for checking in is 30 minutes prior to closing to allow each pet to get settled for the night.

Please allow approximately fifteen minutes for the check in process.

Upon check in, pet owners are required to complete the Boarding Registration Form, Pet Care Agreement and provide proof (from your veterinarian) of current required vaccinations. Each pet is also required to be on a regular Heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative.

Personal Items:  Each pet is allowed two personal items. The two item limit does not include food. Each item must have permanent identification (pet owner's last name) and must be able to be machine washed and dried. Please keep in mind that we provide buckets, bowls, and bedding for each suite.


The following vaccines are required:

Rabies Vaccine (Dogs & Cats)

Your pet should receive their first Rabies vaccine at twelve weeks of age.  Depending on what type of Rabies vaccine your veterinarian uses, your pet must receive a booster yearly or every three years. Please note that the Rabies tag does not suffice this requirement. We need to see the paperwork showing the expiration date of the vaccination.

Bordetella Vaccine (Dogs)

The Bordetella vaccine is given to help protect your pet from the Tracheobronchitis disease.  Your pet must receive a yearly booster. Always double check this vaccination; some vets give this regularly, some do not. 

DHPP Vaccine (Dogs)

The DHPP vaccine is given to protect your pet from Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza and Parvovirus. Your pet must receive a yearly booster. 

FeLV (Outdoor Cats Only)

The FeLV vaccine is given to protect your pet from the Feline Leukemia Virus. Your pet must receive a yearly booster if he/she is an outdoor cat.

FVRCP (Cats)

The FVRCP vaccine is given to protect your pet from Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus, and Panleukopenia.  Your pet must receive a yearly booster. 

CHECK OUT TIMES- Pets that are not picked up prior to check out time will be charged additional accommodation fees.

Check out times are: 

  • Monday through Saturday  :  8am - 12pm
  • Sunday  :  2pm - 4pm