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"I hope in my next life I get to come back as a dog that gets to go to Paradise Pet Resort Daycare!"

-Carol Vargo


"Staff went above and beyond what was expected.  Very Impressed."

-Francis Gray & "Scooby"


"I thought everything was great. My dogs seemed happy and that's what mattered to me"

-Arlene Hayner


"I never worry when my dogs stay at Paradise Pet Resort. Thank you for doing such a great job!"


"I used Paradise Pet Resort and Spa for my dogs.  They were great.  My experience with the visit was really good.  They have a web cam in the kennel so when we were overseas we could watch our dogs.  That really rocked.  It was absolutely excellent.  It is the first boarding facility that I have ever used that didn't smell like either urine or antiseptic.  It was just clean.  We took my dogs and my in-law's dogs and watching them interact, it was obvious to us that they were well taken care of.  They enjoyed their surroundings.  The staff was kind.  We went through two tours of the facility before we left the dogs and there wasn't a single door that they didn't open.  They do training as well as boarding services.  They helped reinforce the training we have been doing on our dogs.  We would absolutely recommend them to anyone and use them if we ever need boarding again."

-Michelle Reavis

A “pooped out” Lulu!


What a cute picture! Lulu is totally exhausted again tonight. I can tell she had a great time! She was having a ball in doggy daycare when we picked her up. Thank you so much for your great care.

We watched her on the webcam from North Carolina. What a great feature. We really felt good about leaving out little family member in your care. I will be emailing my friends about your business and letting them know that it is THE place to take their pet!

Many, many thanks for a great first experience. We will be back!!”

-Lulu’s Mommy




"Staff of Paradise Pet Resort and Spa:

Honey had a wonderful time at your spa. We are definitely going to use you again in November. Thank you for putting our mind at ease on the care and love of our baby Honey."

-Honey's Mommy


"I feel very comfortable leaving my pet at Paradise Pet. It's guilt-free boarding! Thanks!!"


"Paradise Pet Resort boarded our toy poodle for two nights and gave him a bath just prior to pick up.  The kennel was the cleanest I have ever seen with three different levels of accommodations for your pet.  I only wish there was a Paradise Pet Resort in facility of its kind I have ever experienced.  I would never hesitate boarding my dog at this facility...and we hate to board him anywhere.  I only wish more facilities of this nature were as clean, caring and accommodating. Two Thumbs up!  It was as good experience as boarding one's pet can be.  We were given a complete tour of the clean.  Just the best boarding experience we have ever had."

-Fran Moore


"My Mulligan loves to come in-He always looks good after his grooming. We both like the staff"

-Mulligan's Mommy


"We had him groomed before pick up he looked AWESOME we LOVED it. Thank you!"

-Buddy & His Momma


"I am so happy to finally get involved with Paradise Pets!  He loves it so much that I inquired and he has been approved for attending a second day of daycare each week.  Polo has just started going to daycare on Wednesdays with Indy.  Every time I leave the house the dogs both hope it's time to go again!"

-Indy & Polo's Mommy


 "Keep up the great job! Forester was so happy and settled in very well after his stay. Thanks again!"

-Forester's Mommy



Miss Daisy is ready to come back to Paradise Pet!!

"They have stayed there three times now, and the last time, they did not want to leave!! You can tell everyone there treats our babies as we would, and it's nice for kitties to have a home away from home in which they can be comfortable!!"

-Cosmo and Miss Daisy's Mom


"Asta LOVES his buds at Paradise Pet Resort Daycare!!"

-Cindy Hauer


"It was easy to leave them, check on them. They really were not stressed when we picked them up as they were before at another resort. We will use again. Thanks to your staff!"


"I live about 7 hrs away from Madison. I saved a sweet Rottie girl named Toccoa from a bad situation in our home state of Ga. & thought I found a wonderful adopter for her in N. Al. It turned out not to be the situation I was lead to believe it was.... Thank goodness we decided to have Toccoa dropped off at Paradise Pet Resort!
The staff was incredibly helpful, kind and accommodating; being out of state, I was so worried about my foster kid. However, when I saw how loving every single person I came in contact w/ at Paradise was when I picked Toccoa up, I knew had thoroughly enjoyed her boarding experience!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

-Brooke Manor

"Wonderful facility! Great alternative for when our dog sitter is out of town :) "

-Jessica Berkholtz


"We, citizens of Madison County area, are so fortunate to have an excellent facility that provides extraordinary care and services to our family members (our pets). We have so many positive remarks about Paradise Pet Resort and Spa that it would take more than one page to list them all. One important factor is the cleanliness of all areas of the facility and the warm and friendly atmosphere that your employees project. We were very comfortable about leaving Millie, our dachshund, with you for 2 weeks....  Thank you so much for taking care of "our Millie" and giving us a peace of mind about her care."

-Eddie, Kay & Millie Miles


"Bubbles can't wait to get there each Wednesday." -Shelley Miller


"Thank you for caring for E-pup while we were on vacation! We could tell she had a very relaxing stay and was not at all stressed out and that is priceless! Thank you again!" -Alison Lyle


"Joey had a great time during Fall Break. His daily report card showed how loving and happy he is! Thanks to all at Paradise Pet Resort & Spa!!!" -Allison Nolan


"This is a wonderful place to take your dog to be groomed. They did a great job. The facility was very clean and the staff was great!" -Mary Littrell

Taste of the Wild testimonals. Taste of the Wild is one of the all natural, grain-free food that we offer in our Pet Boutique.

"I have 5 cats (4 Siamese and 1 Bengal) that have been raised on natural foods for their entire lives (8 and 9 years) along with canned food for breakfast and dinner.  When I ran out of their dry food, I tried “Taste of the Wild” and was totally amazed how quickly they scarfed up the first two bowls, they loved it!!!   They didn’t eat their breakfast and dinner the next couple of days as they were eating the “Taste of the Wild” so much and staying fuller longer. 

Since starting “Taste of the Wild” I find I don’t have to feed so much canned food, they are staying satisfied with the dry food and not begging for the canned as much. 

What a change!!!  With no grain in the ingredients, they aren’t having to each as much, and needless to say, there’s less poo as more of the food is being digested instead of wasted."

The Bengal's coat just glows now, an added benefit!

-Pam Sechrest Madison, AL